Statement Of Purpose

Strive for perfection is the natural force, which has led mankind to the present state of advancement. Perfection for me is to enhance knowledge in my specific field of interest, which will enable me in contributing to the advancement of society in general and to the understanding of the related field in particular. It is with this objective that I wish to pursue my graduate studies in the field of Industrial Engineering, at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My long-term career goals of carrying out independent industrial research or joining academia has prompted me to apply for Masters in Industrial and Systems Engineering leading to a Ph.D. after doing an undergraduate course in Industrial Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.


It is with fondness that I remember my childhood days when I used to stand fascinated in front of the huge machines of Steel Industry in Durgapur, West Bengal. What intrigued me was the way the synchronization of sub-processes that took place in order to successfully continue the overall process. I believe my interest in the field of Optimization and Decision Support took shape from this background. After entering into IIT through the grueling entrance examination, I opted for Industrial Engineering as my major, as that would have helped me to understand the interaction between different core areas of engineering. As I undertook the courses, projects and seminars of this program, I found myself increasingly interested in the application of computers to the fields of Optimization and Decision Support. The ability to model complex systems through computers to render themselves for optimization caught my imagination. I undertook various challenging projects and assignments in this field under the guidance of the best Professors of my country. These have given me an insight into the related fields and also have helped me know the limitations of my knowledge. This was also the main motivating factor behind my opting for the graduate studies. I feel a Masters’ degree coupled with postgraduate research will bring specialization and perfection to my gamut of expertise and knowledge and help me in fulfilling my dream.


My earnest desire was to excel in academics in order to understand my field of interest. This has won me accolades including pre-final year scholarship and Institute Silver Medal for being the TOPPER among the students of my department. My diligence and perseverance proved me, in the eyes of the Faculty, to be the most promising undergraduate student of my Department.


  • Industrial Projects

    In my Summer Internship in the Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd., Pune, India, a leading manufacturer of synthetic and polyester ropes, I generated a module, which helped the production planning team allocate the demand among the production lines. The sponsored project was highly appreciated by the management. Other than that, I was also involved with Kharagpur Railway Workshop, the biggest of it’s kind in Eastern India and Kaushlaya Foundry Ltd., Kharagpur in core Industrial Engineering projects, in each of which I got Excellent grade.

  • Supply-Chain Management Through Web

    My enthusiasm in research-oriented project and encouragement from my Professors guided me towards taking up a very challenging project at the end of my pre-final year. Titled ‘Design of a Web-Based Supply Chain Management Game’ and done under the guidance of Prof. P. K. J. Mohapatra, this was a gaming simulation for an oil company, which can be played through the Internet. The game helps decision-makers in the supply-chain taking strategic decisions for minimizing inventory levels under dynamic uncertainties. A paper based on this game is in the process of final review for publication in ‘Simulation and Gaming: An International Journal of Theory, Practice and research.’ The manuscript of the paper is enclosed with the application.

  • Senior Year Dissertation

    My best experience with live industrial project came in the form of my senior year dissertation. I have worked with Prof. Damodar Acharya on ‘The Design of a DSS for a Production-Distribution System’, which aims at optimizing outbound logistics and maximize profits. The project, sponsored by HindLever Ltd. (HLL) (an Indian subsidiary of the UniLever group), dealt with the distribution of about 1.5 Million Tons of fertilizers to 200 warehouses throughout India from a few primary and secondary sources. The project was aimed towards Dynamic Production Distribution Planning, Dispatch efficiency module design, Weekly dispatch planning and optimizing all existing ways and methods used to handle outbound logistics. Then all the modules were integrated into the Decision Support System. The development was completed in record time and live technical support was provided to HLL to help them use the software for daily scheduling. This project had been an excellent opportunity to relate the theories with practical problems, to apply proper software to get results, to get a feel of managing high volume unstructured data and to work in a group towards a common goal.


My present exposure in the Software Industry as part of Wilco International Systems, Hyderabad, India (A subsidiary of Automated Data Processing Inc., U.S.) has helped me to remain at the cutting-edge of technology, while has developed in me a systematic and professional approach towards Industrial Project. I am presently involved in the development of software for one of our clients, Goldmann Sachs, the leading global investment banking and securities firm of U.S., as a member of their IT outsourcing team. Now I am confident that with my experience and the acquired skills, I can handle Industrial Research of any size.


I have followed with keen interest, the Research activities in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at the ****, as I have been a regular visitor to the web pages. The research work that is being continued, specially, in the fields of E-commerce, Supply Chain Modeling and Management, Production Design, scheduling and Inventory Management has fascinated me. The state-of-art Graduate Program at *** appeals to me since I am sure that it will provide me with the guidance of the finest faculty, modern facilities and a conducive and open atmosphere. This, I believe, will prepare me perfectly to undertake independent research at both fundamental and industrial level. I am confident of being able to measure up to the high standards of academic excellence and path-breaking research that the University has set, if given an opportunity to do so. And in the process, I hope to be able to contribute in my own little way to mankind's eternal dream of a better tomorrow.
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